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To join the EPA mailing list, subscribe via the Einstein mailman or send an email to using your Einstein email account. To unsubscribe, email from the email account you wish to unsubscribe.


EPA Co-chairs

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Quality of Life representatives:

NYC Postdocs coalition representatives:

Women Networking Group Liaison:


Postdoc Senator at the Senate Council: :

Postdoc Senator at the Committee on Committees: :

Postdoc representative on the Diversity Committee:

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Winter Social Hour Coordinator

Winter Social Hour Committee

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Guess who's talking about Science Coordinator

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Einstein Community

Can't see your department? Email the co-chairs instead and consider becoming the EPA rep for your dept. Here is the list of the current EPA chairs and reps, by department. When emailing, remember to add

If you can see a little Einstein head Survival kit available! by the department, this means that the department has a 'Survival Kit' available for new postdocs to borrow. It consists of kitchen and bathroom essentials, and an air mattress, to help you get settled in at Einstein. Contact your departmental rep if you would like to borrow the kit.

A list of past reps and co-chairs is here.

Anatomy & Structural Biology Survival kit available!

Biochemistry Survival kit available!

Cell Biology Survival kit available!

Developmental and Molecular Biology (DMB) Survival kit available!

Genetics Survival kit available!

Medicine/Cardiology Survival kit available!

Microbiology and Immunology (M&I)

Molecular Pharmacology Survival kit available!

Neuroscience Survival kit available!


Pathology Survival kit available!

Physiology & Biophysics

Systems & Computational Biology Survival kit available!