Guess Who's Talking About Science - 2012

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FebruaryMarika RussoMitotic kinase inhibitors synergize with PI3K and Akt inhibitors in a novel model of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma
MarchSanal MGBrewing pluripotency: the future of the magic recipe
AprilChristophe Lemetre System genomics and comparative genomics using computational approaches and application in cancer
MayUlrich KadolskyReports from the Field: HIV Vaccines
JuneSofia B. RodriguezStructure and Mechanism of the S. pneumoniae Diphosphomevalonate Decarboxylase and Perspectives on Cysteine Biosynthesis in E. Coli
SeptemberAndres ChavezEndocannabinoid signaling and synaptic function: New Mechanism and Synaptic rules
OctoberChristoph ScheiermannMechanisms mediating circadian oscillations in leukocyte trafficking
NovemberSonja SchaetzleinMammalian ExoI Encodes both Adapter and Catalytic Functions
DecemberEsther ArwertMacrophages & Breast Cancer Metastasis