Welcome to the EPA

The Einstein Postdoctoral Association (EPA) was founded in 1996 as one of the first Postdoc Associations in the United States. Every postdoc joining Einstein is automatically part of the EPA. We currently have around 360 members.

Our mission: To improve the scientific interaction amongst postdocs,
and the quality of their personal life.

For more information on the EPA, please read our June 2012 article in the PostDoc Journal (web link, pdf, docx).

For Prospective postdocs:

Please check out the handbook, and prior to coming to Einstein please contact the EPA representative for your department via email to let them know when you are coming. We're here to make sure your transition to Einstein is as smooth as possible, and to welcome you when you arrive at Einstein.

For Current postdocs:

  • Join the EPA mailing list (fill out your details here, or send an email from your Einstein account to )
  • Like us on Facebook!
  • Come to our events! See the events calendar for what we have planned
  • Give a talk at our Seminar Series: Guess Who's Talking About Science!
  • View our flyer!

If you have any questions or suggestions, or want to become an EPA rep, then email us or come meet us - in the summer we'll be at the weekly Beer Hour on Fridays from 5pm in the Forch-Chanin-Gruss quad.

The EPA Needs You!
The EPA Needs You!

You can also help us out by contributing to the site: either contact your Einstein Postdoctoral Association representative or one of the co-chairs. We're always interested in photos from any EPA event.