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The EPA organizes several events throughout the year, such as the Post-doc Spring Party, the Summer BBQ and the "Guess Who's Talking About Science" Seminar series.

Winter Social Hour

From November through April, join us in the upper level of the Friedman lounge (student cafe) for beers and good company. Questions? Please contact Sara Donnelly (). Remember to add @einstein.yu.edu.

International Coffee Hour

In collaboration with the Career and Professional Development Program, the EPA hosts a once per month coffee hour highlighting a different country or region. Come learn about the culture, food, and science going on around the world while networking with your colleagues. Want to showcase your home country? Please contact Lorenza Favrot (). Remember to add @einstein.yu.edu.

Interdepartmental Seminar Series - "Guess Who's Talking About Science"

This is a monthly gathering of postdocs to find out what our peers are up to. A postdoc gives a presentation on their current research or an area of scientific interest, with free beer and pizza! This is an excellent opportunity to practice for your Work in Progress talk or for an upcoming job interview. If you're interested in presenting in an informal, friendly environment, please contact Advaitha Madireddy () or Matthieu Benoit (). Remember to add @einstein.yu.edu.

For a list of past seminars, see: 2012, 2013.

EPA Rep Meetings

We also hold regular EPA rep meetings approx every 2 months to discuss issues to raise with the school. Normally these are only open to EPA reps, but feel free to email the co-chairs if you're interested in seeing how we work. See the minutes below for more information.

Meeting Minutes

2017: January(doc), March (doc)
2016: January(doc), August (doc), September (doc)
2015: February (doc), April (doc), July (doc), October (doc)
2014: February (doc), April (doc), June (doc), September (doc), November (doc)
2013: January (pdf, doc), March (pdf, doc), May (pdf, doc)
2012: January (pdf, doc), March (pdf, doc), May (pdf, doc), June (pdf, doc), October (pdf, doc), November (pdf, doc)
2011: September (pdf, doc), November (pdf, doc)

Calendar of Upcoming Events

If you have an event which you think should be on here, please email us.