Guess Who's Talking About Science - 2013

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Month Speaker Title
January Gael Sugano Macrophage and mammary gland development
February Advaitha Madireddy Understanding how errors in DNA replication can contribute to genomic instability and cancer
March Daria Shcherbakova Fluorescent proteins: ways to improve and explore new possibilities
April Helmuth A. Sanchez Differentially altered Ca2+ regulation and Ca2+permeability in Cx26 hemichannels formed by mutations that cause Keratitis-Ichthiosis-Deafness Syndrome
May Natalie Silmon de Monerri The Sweeter Side of Toxoplasma gondii: O-GlcNAc and Protozoan Epigenetics
June Kamil Khafizov Trends in structural coverage of the protein universe and the impact of the Protein Structure Initiative

The seminar series has stopped for this year, join us in 2014 for the next series.